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από Roronoa
Source Offers Insight Into Potential Sega PC Releases

"A source has told TSSZ how extensive that lineup could now be. The source believes PC releases will be a key component of Sega’s business strategy in 2016, with many of Sega’s library titles being considered for rollout beginning this year. That includes “heavily” considering bringing the Yakuza franchise to PC, in order, beginning with Yakuza 0. Our source says nothing has been finalized there, in part because of the large undertaking required to port games of that size, and licensing issues not unlike those preventing the re-release of Shenmue to current systems.

But other titles are considered high priority for PC as well, according to our source. That includes Vanquish, Resonance of Fate, titles in the Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA franchise, and Virtua Fighter 5. We noted earlier this week that Sonic Colors is also on that high-priority list.

Also considered a high-priority for PC is the recently announced Valkyria: Azure Revolution. To this point it has only been announced for Playstation 4 in Japan, and is set for release at the end of the year there. No talk has been made publicly about it coming West. A PC port may afford such an opportunity.

Our source also indicated Sega wants to being several titles in the Atlus library to PC, but is facing some resistance from the Japan side."


Τα μισα μονο να ισχύουν και OLA POPA, ειδικα τα yakuza και το vanquish. Το σιγουρο ειναι πως κατι καλο θα ερθει απο Sega.

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Το ReCore θα ερθει και σε PC

ReCore (Xbox One & Windows 10) – 2016


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AMD announces Polaris architecture - GCN 4.0

"AMD will soon be announcing their new Radeon Technologies Polaris Architecture, heralding a new era in power efficiency for AMD, with a core design which is almost completely changed and being built on a new, highly efficient FinFET Processing node.

The new Polaris, GCN 4.0 architecture will feature a newly designed command processor, a dedicated multimedia section, a new display engine, geometry processors and a updated memory controller and set of L2 cache, all of which will be instrumental in giving AMD more performance in this upcoming generation of GPUs.

The new command processor will likely help AMD with Asynchronous computing tasks with the new DirectX 12 API, promising that the GPU will never be sitting at idle and the new memory controller will no doubt help AMD make the most out of every bit of memory bandwidth that they can get their hands on with HBM 2.0.

AMD's new Geometry processor design will likely give AMD a boost in tessellation performance when compared to their previous generation GPUs, as this has been a place where AMD has been behind Nvidia for several generations and AMD is no doubt working hard to rectify this.

AMD's Polaris GPUs are now set for release in Mid 2016, in the same timeframe that Nvidia's next generation GPUs are expected to arrive, meaning that 2016 will no doubt be a very competitive and exciting time for PC graphics and PC gaming in general. especially with the immanent release of VR and DirectX12.

In terms of power consumption Nvidia have had a great lead with their Maxwell architecture, though AMD have still been able to deliver great performing alternatives. With the Polaris architecture AMD promised a 2X improvement in power consumption over Fiji, meaning that AMD will not just beat the Maxwell architecture's efficiency, but destroy it.

Nvidia haven't spent this year sitting down, so only time will tell if Nvidia will beat them with their upcoming GPUs for 2016. "



Με την μειωμενη καταναλωση λογικα θα δουμε πολυ μεγαλες αυξησεις στις επιδοσεις.

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Steam sales in 2015

"It brought over 3000 new games (compared to 1900 in 2014), increased the number of concurrent users on Steam from 8M to 12M and helped over 350 million paid games find new owners.

Paid Steam games market was worth over $3.5B in 2015

Not every dollar is going through Valve though, as some developers are selling their Steam games off Steam.
And remember — this figure doesn’t include free-to-play titles or DLC!

PC worldwide core games market is estimated to be around $27B in 2015 (Newzoo). So, including Dota 2 and Team Fortress 2 revenue, Valve is controlling around 15% of it. Pretty impressive!

Important note: Not all copies redeemed on Steam were sold through Steam and vice versa (GTA V, The Witcher 3). Some publishers report receiving up to third of their revenue from Steam games through third-party stores."



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από Thanasis.Fetanis

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από Volga
jim12345 έγραψε:Εχω μια τιμονιερα που συνδεετε μονο στο playstasion 2 και εγω θελο να την συνδεσω στον υπολογυστη μου υπαρχει καποιο καλοδιο για να την συνδεσο? και αν ναι που μπορο να το βρω?(συγνωμη αν ειμαι σε ασχετο θεμα στο furom

Καλησπέρα και καλή χρονιά.

Εγώ έχω αυτό (https://eleashop.gr/product/%CE%BC%CE%B5%CF%84%CE%B1%CF%84%CF%81%CE%BF%CF%80%CE%AD%CE%B1%CF%82-%CE%B1%CF%80%CF%8C-ps2-%CF%83%CE%B5-usb/ )

Το οποίο είχα αγοράσει απέξω βέβαια σε χαμηλότερη τιμή.

Μια χαρά συνδέεις ότι playstation controller τιμόνι κλπ θες. Δουλεύει άψογα.

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από Roronoa
Η EA ανακοινωσε το origin access το οποιο ειναι σαν την υπηρεσια του xbox one οπου με μηνιαια συνδρομη εχεις προσβαση σε διαφορα παιχνιδια απο το origin.

Απο οτι φαινετε η τιμη θα ειναι 5$/4€/4λιρες.

εμενα παντως δεν μου το εμφανιζει στον client ακομα, ελπιζω να γινει διαθεσιμο παντου.



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από xkate93
Quantum Break rated for PC in Brazil


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Quantum Break PC Version Confirmed

"Xbox One title Quantum Break will also be released on PC, and both versions will launch on April 5, developer Remedy Entertainment and publisher Microsoft have confirmed.

Quantum Break's PC edition is the latest in Microsoft's wider push to expand its games across console and PC. Games currently in development for both platforms includes Gears of War 4, ReCore, Scalebound, and Fable Legends."


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