EA Support what do they want???

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EA Support what do they want???

Δημοσίευσηαπό AlejandroMaximus » 08 Οκτ 2020, 09:37

Is EA support bots? or can someone here enlighten me what kind of information they need to verify to change email address? They say that the information I have provided doesn't match. I find that hard to believe, I have access to the Origin account using old email & pass* to log in other info such as birthdate, I also double check the information on account details as it's partially shown and that's all I need plus I remember all critical information cuz its just around 30 rotating emails and password. maybe they need something like a CC info, but during those early years I was still a kiddo. No CC no nothing, I bought my games using cash then, CD keys in store yah know with the big boxes w/ Physical disc and all.

EA Support ask for the birthdate, the verified email that I no longer has access to, my PSN ID!!? What does that have to do with this? I gave it too. Two IP checksites, CD keys and the Purchased date who will remember this??? specially according to Origin I added the game May 23 2009. I use Red Alert 3 Uprising as my sample. I told them if they want the password I can give it letter by letter.

I recently returned to PC gaming since my PC died somewhere in 2013. Infernal experience for just changing the email! on EA ... Steam and GOG handled everything so quick and those two are 2FA. Steam just asked for my first registered email and CD key of a game.
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